10 Facts About Masbate

If you are new to Masbate like me, these information will give a general overview of its geography, people, and culture.

1. Masbate is part of the Bicol region.
Although the mainland Masbate is close to the Visayas in proximity, it is actually part of Region V – Bicol region. It is located at the southern tip of Luzon.

Map of Masbate, Burias Island, & Ticao Island.

2. Masbate is made up of 3 main islands.
The heart-shape island in the middle of the Philippines is the mainland Masbate. The other 2 are Ticao island which is located north east from the mainland, and Burias island which is located north west from the mainland.

3. The people in Masbate are called Masbateño.
Although Masbate is a part of the Bicol region, they are considered Visaya! In fact, whenever you are in a conversation with them, and they’ve learned that you have a bloodline of a Masbateño, they would tag you as “bisaya”.

4. There are 4 major dialects used in Masbate.
The most common dialect in Masbate is Masbateño. At first, it sounds like Hiligaynon (Ilonggo) with a mixture of Waray-Waray, but if you pay more attention to details, it is almost similar to Cebuano but many words use the letter “R” instead of “L”.

Another most used dialect is Hiligaynon or Ilonggo. Most of the terms in Masbateño are derived from this dialect. This is commonly used in the southwestern part of the peninsula which is pointing towards Panay group of islands.

Another most used dialect is Cebuano. It is commonly used in the southern part of the peninsula which is pointing towards Cebu.  While most people in Burias speak Bicolano, some of them speak Cebuano.

Finally, although quite a few only speaks in this language, one of the most used dialect is Bicolano,  The Bicolano language comes in many forms but the most commonly used in Masbate is similar to that in Legazpi City, Albay.

If you are new in Masbate like me, Masbateños are fluent in tagalog and english so you won’t have a hard time communicating with them.

5. Rodeo Masbateño – the only one in Asia.
Dubbed as the cattle county, Masbate holds…

6. Masbate used to be a part of Sorsogon

7. Mobo used to be center of trade in Masbate

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